Episode 19: Marketing campaigns that backfired in the most epic way

Amanda has been working in marketing for 17+ years and Zoe spends a lot of time, energy and money on marketing her books and brand. We both love marketing and this list of epic marketing fails was just too good not to discuss.

Plus, Zoe and Amanda both share blunders they have made in their careers and discuss why 2018 should be the year of failing!

Credit where credit is due. Shout Out to the team at Diply that put this list together!

Episode 18: When main TV characters die, Zoe’s own crockpot close call, thrift store shaming + Amanda does something for the first time in 10+ years

First episode of 2018 and the sisters are not holding back. Zoe shares the close call she had with her crockpot, This Is Us is discussed, Amanda does something for the first time in 10 + years and it takes Zoe way too long to figure it out.

PLUS, during “the break”, Amanda was on The Quick And The Dirty podcast and shared her love of thrift store shopping. Why are some people embarrassed to be caught thrift shopping but will happily brag about getting a super deal on something new? It’s all discussed + much more.

CAUTION: This episode contains spoilers for old episodes of This Is Us, The Good Wife and Nashville. No spoilers from the most recent This Is Us because let’s be honest, we gave up on that show already.

Episode 17 – Nude modeling + buying a deceased woman’s wedding dress GUEST BROOKE B bares all

Oh the stories she has! Special guest Brooke bares all on this podcast about her nude modeling career, how she explains it to her girls and why she purchased her dream wedding dress from someone after their wife passed away.

Episode 16: NYE Resolutions, radio ratings, newspaper Best Of awards, Sleeping Beauty and Baby It’s Cold Outside

Sure it’s not even Christmas yet.. but it’s totally time to talk New Year’s Resolutions. Plus, some media talk about radio ratings and those “Best of” awards you see in newspapers. One UK mom thinks Sleeping Beauty should be banned and what “Baby It’s Cold Outside” is really about. How are we just realizing this now???

Episode 15 – The Live Live Episode + did someone lie to Amanda about their dead husband to get something for free + an HONEST review of Great Wolf Lodge

The sisters recorded this episode while on vacation with their 4 children and no husbands. It was 9:30pm and the kids were supposed to be asleep. Of course they were not SO they joined in on the discussion.

Did someone lie to Amanda about their husband passing away to get free Nike shoes, Zoe tells her oldest what he is getting for Christmas, leg shaving habits, adults only vacations and an honest review of Great Wolf Lodge.

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Episode 13 – Male Privilege, Blake Shelton + Rotten Tomatoes is to blame for you not seeing movies

Sandwiched between a discussion about Blake Shelton so not being the sexiest man of the year and why Amanda only goes to see movies that rank below 30% on Rotten Tomatoes, Zoe makes some excellent points about male privilege and why 2018 needs to be the year of men sitting down and letting the women have a go at things.

Episode 12 – Zoe goes to England

Zoe has returned from her family trip to England and the 4 Brits Book Fest.  The sisters compare their trips and talk food, food, food and Primark.

This episode is paired well with Episode 11 – Amanda goes to England.

It’s also Amanda + Zoe’s son’s birthday today! One of them is getting a fidget spinner cake.

Episode 10 – What We Have Learned So Far

On this episode we look back at the past 9 episodes, discuss what we have learned so far, pick our favourite episodes and share some behind the scenes of what goes into making this podcast.

Plus, Amanda does a deep dive into her love of The Bobby Bones Show podcast and yes.. someone got their husband Pumpkin Spice Cheerios for their anniversary.