Episode 4 – A coffee shop with no sign, hand rolled ice cream and a carrot dessert

Is it utterly brilliant or a terrible business decision to have a coffee with NO SIGNAGE?

Plus, the sisters share stories about checking out a hand rolled ice cream store, accidentally going to a vegan restaurant and enjoying a carrot dessert that was… well you have to listen to hear the whole story.

Episode 2 – Taylor Swift

Did we score Taylor Swift for episode #2?
Oh hell no. The bar we have set for ourselves is considerably lower than that. On this week’s podcast we discuss Taylor Swift and her new song, video and album.
Plus, just like Taylor we throw some shade and HEB and their Helping Here program get a Sister Shout-out.


Episode 1 – And just like that.. we have a podcast!

Amanda: Hey Zoe.. wanna do a podcast?
Zoe: Sure.
[Zoe immediately one clicks some recommended microphones on Amazon. Amanda learns how to use GarageBand and then learns how to use the MacBook. So different from a PC. Not entirely sure it’s better but man do I look cool now. ]
Amanda: We now technically can do a podcast.. we can figure out what it’s about later.. right?

On the first episode of The SisterCast we discuss school lunches, back to school fun and at school breakfast programs.