Episode 13 – Male Privilege, Blake Shelton + Rotten Tomatoes is to blame for you not seeing movies

Sandwiched between a discussion about Blake Shelton so not being the sexiest man of the year and why Amanda only goes to see movies that rank below 30% on Rotten Tomatoes, Zoe makes some excellent points about male privilege and why 2018 needs to be the year of men sitting down and letting the women have a go at things.

Episode 12 – Zoe goes to England

Zoe has returned from her family trip to England and the 4 Brits Book Fest.  The sisters compare their trips and talk food, food, food and Primark.

This episode is paired well with Episode 11 – Amanda goes to England.

It’s also Amanda + Zoe’s son’s birthday today! One of them is getting a fidget spinner cake.

Episode 10 – What We Have Learned So Far

On this episode we look back at the past 9 episodes, discuss what we have learned so far, pick our favourite episodes and share some behind the scenes of what goes into making this podcast.

Plus, Amanda does a deep dive into her love of The Bobby Bones Show podcast and yes.. someone got their husband Pumpkin Spice Cheerios for their anniversary.

Episode 9 – Halloween, Hawaiian Shirts, Meat Samurai and Zoe spoils The Gilmore Girls ending

Happy Halloween! In this week’s not at all spooky podcast the sisters discuss what new music they are loving and Amanda sings way way too many times.  And yes, without planning on it, Taylor Swift manages to get discussed (and maybe we sing some of her lyrics too.)

Full disclosure: Zoe totally ruins the ending of The Gilmore Girls (Netflix re-boot) in the last 5 mins of this episode. You have been warned.

Episode 8 – The Kitchen Sink + a MAJOR confession

On this podcast we talk about everything EXCEPT the kitchen sink.

Amanda is stunned that Zoe doesn’t know that Ryan Seacrest is Kelly Rippa’s new cohost on LIVE plus how does he do a LA radio show at the same time as a live NYC based talk show. Zoe rants about magazines, Amanda shout outs to Bobby Bones and his podcast network,  the sisters talk tattoos and a MAJOR confession. Zoe did something highly illegal.

Episode 7 – Breast Cancer can F right off (Personal stories about losing our mother)

When was the last time you checked your breasts?

September 11, 2001 we lost our mother to breast cancer. She was 48 when she was diagnosed which means Zoe is over-due for her first mammogram and Amanda needs to go as soon as she is done breastfeeding.

Thank you for letting us sharing our mom’s story.

Episode 6 – Happy Thanksgiving… yes in October!

Happy Thanksgiving!! It’s Amanda’s favourite time of the year and she hosted the big meal this year.

Amanda is fiercely competitive with her daughter’s Girl Guide Cookies and Zoe shares some “Zoe-isums” (aka Canadian stuff in her books that have her American readers scratching their heads)