Episode 18: When main TV characters die, Zoe’s own crockpot close call, thrift store shaming + Amanda does something for the first time in 10+ years

First episode of 2018 and the sisters are not holding back. Zoe shares the close call she had with her crockpot, This Is Us is discussed, Amanda does something for the first time in 10 + years and it takes Zoe way too long to figure it out.

PLUS, during “the break”, Amanda was on The Quick And The Dirty podcast and shared her love of thrift store shopping. Why are some people embarrassed to be caught thrift shopping but will happily brag about getting a super deal on something new? It’s all discussed + much more.

CAUTION: This episode contains spoilers for old episodes of This Is Us, The Good Wife and Nashville. No spoilers from the most recent This Is Us because let’s be honest, we gave up on that show already.

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