Episode 1 – And just like that.. we have a podcast!

Amanda: Hey Zoe.. wanna do a podcast?
Zoe: Sure.
[Zoe immediately one clicks some recommended microphones on Amazon. Amanda learns how to use GarageBand and then learns how to use the MacBook. So different from a PC. Not entirely sure it’s better but man do I look cool now. ]
Amanda: We now technically can do a podcast.. we can figure out what it’s about later.. right?

On the first episode of The SisterCast we discuss school lunches, back to school fun and at school breakfast programs.

3 Replies to “Episode 1 – And just like that.. we have a podcast!”

  1. That was awesome. You do sound alike. Thank goodness I know Zoe’s voice lol. I loved that you talked about the stress and anguish of school lunches. I HATE the struggle of preparing an agreed upon lunch that doesn’t get eaten. I try to send healthy food that my 10 yr son will eat because he detests all vegetables. So like you packaged snacks are the choice along with fresh fruit. I agree that the lack of time is a factor. Of course, he is starving when he comes home and wants to eat everything in the kitchen and then is too full for dinner. I have resorted to him eating what remains in his lunch bag for afterschool snack.

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